Twitter — Tweet Your Ad



David The Agency

  • B2B
  • AD: María Goucha
  • CD: Paco López, Álvaro Palma
  • GCD: Pancho Cassis

Twitter had the challenge of persuading the most relevant advertisers in Spain that their campaigns would work best on Twitter. And we found a nice fact; Twitter users look at their phones over 100 times per day. With that in mind, we created a campaign where the characters looked at traditional advertising as often as people looked at their phones. The result is the first b2b campaign that adapts its spots to the client that gets them.

We created a campaign of three spots that adapted their story to the client that gets them by using the ads that each client was airing at that moment, within our own. The medium didn’t matter. Outdoor. TVC, and even print. More than 50 custom ads were generated, retargeting each client to a site with information, budgets, and even a result projection of their campaigns on Twitter.