Side Project — Quarantine Postcards


  • Illustrations: Álvaro Bernis
  • CD: Álvaro Palma

April 2020. Covid-19. Lockdown. People going crazy making side projects. Yep, you already know the story. This is just another side project born out of the lockdown anxiety. Days where we changed traveling around the glove for traveling around our apartments. @postales_de_cuarentena_ was a series of postcards with the most stunning places on the “planet home”.

The postcards played the visual code of the classical travel postcards and were made by the talented illustrator Álvaro Bernis under my creative direction. Seven different postcards with seven different parts of our homes were created.


The project was featured by important magazines in art and travel, like Conde Nast Traveller, Esquire, Mincho Mag, Yorokobu, Graffica or Time Out.