Cornetto — Movie Kiss



LOLA MullenLowe

  • Digital
  • OOH
  • CW: Jose Sancho, Álvaro Palma
  • AD: Marta Llop, Nico Ordozgoiti
  • CD: Juan Sevilla
  • ECD: Pancho Cassis

The strategic territory of Cornetto was quite simple: being the ice cream of love, (for whatever reason). So for International Kissing day, we thought of some of the most iconic kisses in cinema: Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom… They all are great right? They all are iconic, yes, but any real couple has never starred an authentic one. So on April 13th, we created a machine that turned any kiss into a movie kiss.

A special algorithm automatically added a BSO and customized credits to each video and uploaded it to the couple’s and the brand’s Instagram accounts in a few seconds. Hundreds of couples of all ages, nationalities, and gender kissed in the most cinematic spot in Madrid, proudly showing their love to the world and, finally, having an authentic movie kiss.