Getafe CF — Fe CF

Getafe CF


El Ruso de Rocky

  • PR
  • CD: Pablo Madrid, Pablo Salinas, Álvaro Palma
  • GCD: Ángel Torres, Lucas Paulino

After the Covid-19 crisis, Getafe FC, a historical team in La Liga, was merged in a tough situation. So for the match against FC Barcelona, probably the most significant of the season, we did this: we changed for real the name of Getafe FC to Fe FC, maintaining only the two final letters “Fe” which in Spanish means “Faith”, as an invitation for the fans to not losing their faith in these tough days.


The activation was communicated to the fans with an emotive film and a series of prints.

A simple but significant change was applied in the stadium stands, the official jersey, the tv scoreboard, and the press room. Ah, one last thing: Fe FC beat FC Barcelona for the first time in 9 years.