A fake documentary to get people aware of the fake news problem (and sell shrimp).

Over 86% of spainsh people believe in fake news. That’s why for the launching of the new shrimp ring of Pescanova, we invented a fake story about a mysterious fishing technique.
More than 1 million people watched the story. More than 1 million people reflected on the information we consume. And yes, we also sold some shrimp rings. 

— At the end of the documentary, the viewer was asked if he believed it or not, discovering new fake parts of the story:

1 — Formations

2 — Preparation

3 — Ultrasounds

4 — Detection

— And if the viewer stopped believing it at any point, he was directed to the final resolution:

AD: Pedro Sattin
CW: Álvaro Palma, Jose Sancho
CD: Tomás Ostiglia, Pancho Cassis
Agency: LOLA MullenLowe